Changing Rooms

 Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday
07:00 - 24:00

Tel: 2837 1840 (Male) / 2837 1841 (Female) 

Booking Procedures

No Booking is required.


Children over 4 years of age who cannot dress himself / herself may enter the changing and shower areas of the same sex changing room in the accompany of a membership card holder. 

Children over 4 years of age are not allowed to enter the opposite sex changing room under any circumstances.  

Only permitted users may access the shower and changing areas of the Changing Room.  

Smoking, eating or drinking except the distilled water provided by the Club, is not allowed.

Glass bottles, glassware, chinaware of porcelain is not allowed in the Changing Room.


Permanent Locker Rental Fee
HK$800 per year (large)
HK$400 per year (small)

Temporary Locker Rental Fee
Free (the penalty of HK$100 will be charges for each locker key not returned on rental day.)

Use of Bath Towel
HK$10 / towel (the penalty for not returning the towels is HK$50 / each.)

Replacement of Lock 
HK$50 per replacement of lock of the locker.