Membership Information

1. Application For Club Memberships

1.1 Application for Ordinary Voting Membership

Any person above the age of 18 may apply to become a Member of the Club.  Applications for Membership must be introduced by a Member of the Club.  His/her application must also be proposed and seconded by Special Voting Members of the Club.

Application for Membership are subject to the approval of the General Committee.  An informal cocktail will be arranged for a candidate and his/her introducer to members of the General Committee before he balloting of new Members by the General Committee.

On approval of an application by the General Committee, the applicant will be informed by the General Office and, subject to the payment of the prescribed fees, becomes a Member of the Club.  The member will be issued with a membership card.  Cash Transactions in the Club are not allowed.

Application forms can be obtained from the Club's General Office by a member of Lady Subscriber of the Club.

1.2 Application for Corporate Nominee/Associate Corporate Nominee Membership

A company, firm or business may apply, in writing to the Committee for a Corporate Nominee Membership or an Associate Corporate Nominee Membership, if accepted, the holder shall have the right in perpetuity to nominate 2 members or 1 member of its staff respectively at a time to use the facilities of the Club.

The Corporate Nominee Membership and Associate Corporate Nominee Membership are transferable.  However, holder of the Membership must seek prior written approval of the General Committee and pay a transfer fee before transferring the membership.

1.3 Elite Sports Associates

The Club provides a junior membership scheme that allows sportsmen and women below 29 years old to join the Club at significantly reduced rate of entry and monthly subscription.  The terms and conditions for becoming an Elite Sports Associate are in Schedule I.

2. Fees and Monthly Subscriptions

The current rates of entrance fees and the monthly subscriptions for Corporate Nominee, Associate Corporate Nominee and Ordinary Voting Membership and, Elite Sports Associates are as follows:

a) Corporate Nominee Membership and Associate Corporate Nominee Membership Entrance Fee are HK$1,400,000 and HK$700,000 respecitvely.

Monthly Subscription is HK$980 per Nominee.

b) Ordinary Voting Membership Entrance Fee is HK$450,000.

Monthly Subscription is HK$980.

c) Elite Sports Associate Entrance Fee is HK$500.

Monthly Subscription is HK$490 per Associate.

Entrance Fees are one-off payments and are non-refundable.

3. Signing Rights For Immediate Family

Members may apply for membership cards for their spouses, and children  between the age of 12 to 20 to enable them to use, subject to the applicable By-law, the Club's facilities and services.  An annual fee of HK$180 for each Member's Child card will be charged to members' accounts.  The charges are not refundable.

Members are responsible for all charges incurred by their families.

4. Absent Members

A member (not a Nominee) leaving Hong Kong for more than 6 months but less than 12 successive months at a time may apply to become an Absent Member.  Absent Member will not be liable to pay subscription during the period of his/her absence.  On return to Hong Kong, an Absent Member must notify the General Office and pay the monthly subscription fee before resuming his/her membership rights.

5. Emigrant Members

A Member (not a Nominee) who intends to emigrate and are not ordinarily resident in Hong Kong may apply to become an Emigrant Member.  On production of the necessary documentary proof and upon payment of the prescribed fee, the Member will be placed on the Emigrant Members List.  The current rate of such fee is HK$96,000.

An Emigrant Member who returns to Hong Kong permanently may apply for reinstatement of his/her membership.  An Emigrant Member who returns to Hong Kong temporarily may, by paying the appropriate monthly subscription during the period of his/her stay, be entitled to use the Club's facilities and services.

6. Other Applications For Club Membership

6.1 Members' Children

On attaining the age of 21 years, children of Members (not Nominees) may, within 90 days of attaining such an age, apply to become a Member at an entrance fee.  Such approval of applications are subject to membership availability.

The current special rate is HK$225,000.

6.2 Members' Spouses

Upon the death of a Member (not a Nominee), the spouse of deceased Member (not a Nominee) may, within 12 months' time, apply to become an Ordinary Voting Member of the Club. No entrance fee should be paid for this application for becoming an Ordinary Voting Member.

If you require further information on the Club's membership affairs.

Please contact our Membership Office on 2577 8331 or